A good swift kick in the shins…



A good swift kick in the shins…

I would have been happier had I been less fluffy, though I did have on a new pair of jeans that I could actually button. The hair was looking good, my make up went on fine, minty fresh breath ~ check, and I didn’t have a huge zit in the middle of my forehead. I was ready for my big date.

It had finally happened. I finally had the opportunity to meet not one, but TWO of my favorite blog pals. Today I got to have lunch with Angie and Hockeyman! Be jealous, be very jealous.

If you have been following my Weekly Winners, you may have noticed Angie’s threats against my shins. She’s from around here, attended the same high school my kiddos do (did), and was a little upset with me for posting pix of HER beach.

We’ve made up. I got to squeeze on both of them… be more jealous.

I met the whole fam for lunch at a cool restaurant right on THE beach, then we watched their awesome kids, Anna and Claire, play in the ocean. These two are even more adorable in person. The kids are way cute too.

Angie got a pic with the two of us… you’ll just have to wait to find out if she admits to meeting me.

I had a very nice afternoon and loved meeting Angie and Patrick, two of the nicest people you’ll ever want to meet. I get to see her again in July when she comes to Chicago, can’t wait.

Just in case you didn’t know… I live in a gorgeous part of Florida… right on the Gulf Coast…. prime Spring Break destination, summer tourist mecca… I’m free for lunch most days. Come on down, I’d love to meet all of you!

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