A new start and heroes



A new start and heroes

Hubs and I had our first mega-conference of the school year yesterday. I have to say that this was the first time that I have ever felt encouraged. Three of the seven teachers were surprised that WK was even struggling with any learning disability. Three others were at least willing to work with him and the seventh sat there most of the conference (after showing up late) looking like she smelled something bad.

I don’t think this last teacher is going to be a real problem, I just got the feeling she was not convinced that WK was dealing with any real issues. I should also point out she was the Throatwobbler Mangrove teacher.

We were told that WK would be able to catch up with most of his outstanding classwork and homework, and still get at least partial credit. They also encouraged us to email them weekly for updates and reports on his progress. One teacher had actually told WK prior to the conference if he needed any help with anything, to just come to him. Outstanding!

His guidance counselor even made a point of telling us she would get him a home copy of one of his textbooks his teacher was adamant about not letting him take outside of class. Something about having only so many copies and if he was missing one, some other student would have to go without. I understood that, but he was almost apoplectic about the idea of giving up a single book.

Right now, if all goes well, WK should have mostly As and Bs for the first nine-week grading period. That is monumental, and we are hopeful this year will be a turning point.

The bigger question is can we get him to do the make up work without a total emotional meltdown… him, me, or all of us.

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