Acts of kindness



Acts of kindness

The other day I went to the express mail store to buy some padded shipping envelops. It wasn’t very busy, but there were two people ahead of me waiting to check out. The second person in line was a woman who had what appeared to be one large shopping bag with a couple boxes in it. She was on her cell phone when I walked up behind her. After finishing her call, she turns to me …’could you please watch my bag, I forgot my purse in the car.’

I said sure and diligently guarded it. By the time she returned the cashier had checked out the man at the head of the line. Again, the woman turns to me, with my three small mailers and gift cards… ‘you go ahead, you only have a few things and I have all this’ …indicating the other half dozen, HUGE boxes sitting on the kioski beside us.

After thanking her profusely, I stepped forward to the cashier. This small kindness saved me tons of time, and being on my lunch break, I didn’t have a lot to spare.

My ticket came to $5.02. I had emptied all the change out of my purse the night before and only had another $5 bill. The clerk said to forget it she’d put the other 2-cents in.

This wasn’t much, but these two random acts of kindness helped renew my faith in the spirit of the season.

After my conniption fit temper tantrum grumpiness on Monday, I needed this. My rants were personal and only meant to help me purge some bad feelings that I would have never vented on the people I was aggravated at. Thank you for all your concern. I can now go about the business of being the peppy and officiously sweet person that I usually am.

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