Another year gone



Another year gone

Amazingly I’ve made it through year two. I’m too lazy to do a year(s) in review post ~ more to the point, I’d rather forget some of my earlier offerings ~ they were a little too random and not very interesting.

Last year I did a Q&A post where I had people send in questions for me to answer about myself. I envisioned getting 100’s of questions, enough to last me through a week’s worth of posts. I did get great questions ~ thanks again to eveyone who sent them in ~ but didn’t get the staggering response I had hoped for. That’s okay… it was a shameless ploy to entice new readers.

During these past two years, I’ve welcomed a great, loyal group of friends. I found some new friends in the last few months, and lost a very special one. Next week, I hope to see most of these friends for some serious rubbing up on, and meet many more new ones. (We can maybe hold off on squeezing them until we know each other better.)

Over the past 731 days, this blog has changed a lot. Not just the look, which I rearrange and redecorate often, but also the focus.

When I first started, my posts were mainly reactions to local events, news stories, informational, not very personal. That primarily was because I began this endeavor as an offshoot of my job. The company high-mucky mucks thought it would be a great way to drive traffic to our own Web sites.

Not so much…

When I was given the option to take my blog private, I jumped at it. One of the first posts I did after that was my own list of seven dirty words because I had been very limited in my verbiage and censor-allowed rants. Since then I have used every word multiple times ~ sometimes in a single post ~ and have even dropped the f-bomb, spelled out, in caps, a lot … and I liked it.

Now, I open up a little more about my life, my family, things that are personally important to me. Oh, yeah, I’ve been sharing some of my photos too.

I think this blog will contiue to evolved… at least I hope it does. I’m still searching, still trying to find my true voice. Wondering if I’m making a difference or taking up space.

Just for giggles… and this is genuinely not a pimping maneuver, it’s more for all those new friends I’ll be seeing in Chicago next week… if there are any questions you’re dying to ask me before our big feel meet up, just drop your inquiries in my comment box.

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