Back of the cereal box Bucket List



Back of the cereal box Bucket List

It’s not often that you can get a life lesson from a box of breakfast cereal. Hubs and I usually have bowls of age appropriate bran for a quick morning meal, and I cave to pressure compromise with WK and get him sweet, chocolate flavored (but still made with whole grain) corn puffs. (If I were to feed my inner child, I would be getting Apple Jacks for me, but instead opt for a box of sticks and twigs ~ after today that may change.)

Sunday mornings in our house are days for sleeping in and not much else. As usual I woke up before the men folk and took the opportunity to watch some TV (that I wanted to watch) and indulge in a bowl of WK’s Reese’s Puffs.

Just as I did when I was a kid, I noshed on the peanutty sweetness while reading the cereal box.

On the back of the box was a sort of ‘Bucket List’ for kids, only this one was ‘18 Things to do Before You’re 18.’

I’m over 18, so I thought I’d find how well I’ve manage to fulfill this list… not so good. I got maybe five… let’s see how you made out.

  1. Ride the world’s biggest rollercoaster – I’ve not been on the world’s largest, but I did survive The Racer at King’s Island in Cincinnati, an ACE Roller Coaster Landmark, one of only 14 such rides in the world.
  2. Bungee jump! – I’ve not done this, but I did fall jump off a waterfall once while canoeing in Tennessee… thought I was going to die, until it was pointed out to me that I could stand up in the pool below and was not in fact drowning.
  3. Score the winning goal/basket – I never played a team sport where I was in any way a point maker. I have competed in many martial arts contests where I won first place in sparring, weapons and forms. I’ll still count this one as a ‘Yes.”
  4. Win an award, trophy or prize – See #3. In 2013 I was the Florida state champion in weapons and forms in my style of martial arts, and was ranked fourth in the world in these two categories.
  5. Learn an instrument – I played flute when I was in middle school, but didn’t stay with it. I sometimes wished that I had ~ another ‘Yes,’ sort of.
  6. Go backstage at a gig – I don’t suppose high school band concerts count? This one’s a ‘No.’
  7. Meet your idol – since I don’t have one, this goal is a difficult read. I’ve met some interesting people in my life, but the ones I would really like to meet are all dead… C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Gandhi. Another ‘No.’
  8. Play a part in your favorite TV show – I did get to go to the local Bozo the Clown show when I was about 6 years old, would that count?
  9. Meet someone with your own name – it hasn’t happened very often, but I have met a few other Taras. There are actually at least three Tara Rs around here, or at least visit the same family doctor as I do. That has been confusing at times ~ another ‘Yes.’
  10. Make a discovery – this depends on your definition of discovery. If we’re talking scientific, world saving, medical panacea… nope.  I did find something in WK’s room a few weeks ago that was quite interesting and life changing for him. ‘Nuff said. (It was nothing illegal!)
  11. Get away with the perfect practical joke – I was the victim of the perfect joke, and I have been trying to top it ever since.
  12. Own a pointless collection – oh yeah, doesn’t everyone have one of these ~ a big ‘Yes’ here.
  13. Invent a word that makes it into the dictionary – I make up words all the time, especially when I’m aggravated at my kids or hubs and try to say something only to mangle my tirade. That really takes a lot of fire out of my rant to spew total nonsense when trying to sound really angry.
  14. Conquer your biggest fear – I’ll let you know how I do with this one after the 23rd.
  15. Raise money for charity – when I was young, every Halloween I would trick or treat for Unicef, and I have several friends involved in the Breast Cancer 3-Day who I support ~ another ‘Yes.’
  16. Pass your driving test the first time – the only thing that saved me from flunking driver’s ed in high school is that I could parallel park like a demon… still can.
  17. Complete a road trip coast to coast – not even close on this one. The farthest west I’ve been is Fort Worth. I don’t think I would even want to do this now.
  18. Reach 18 years of age – I’m well into my third time round!

How did you do? I don’t think my kids could cross that many of these off the list as done.

I was also thinking about what I would like to do before I reach the age of no return. My own ‘Bucket List’ would include, but not be limited to:

  1. Finish and submit for publication my own book, or novella ~ even a story in a national magazine would make me happy.
  2. Learn a foreign language and use it.
  3. Travel outside of the continental United States.
  4. Be the coolest Grandma (Nonie) evah!
  5. Drive on the Autobahn – really, really fast.
  6. Be a foster parent or a Guardian Ad Litem.

What would you put on your Bucket List?

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