Because I know you want to know…



Because I know you want to know…

riday afternoon, the day before my Birthday, this bit of chocolate and fruit deliciousness was delivered to me at my office. An edible bouquet, it was filled with chocolate covered apple slices, strawberries and bananas, grapes, and pineapple and melon daisies. Yes, everyone was appropriately jealous, and yes, I shared the bounty.

Hubs gained himself some serious brownie points for this Birthday surprise.

He got even more points when he and WK brought home a chocolate Birthday cake, with fudge filling, and cream cheese icing with chocolate ganache… oh my! Sorry there isn’t a photo of that, cacao piranha got into it. Nothing but bones left.

I got birthday calls from my MIL, and my mom and dad. I got to be lazy and do what I wanted. It was a nice day.

JM called and taunted me saying I’d have to wait for her present until she comes home in two weeks ~ her FIRST time home since AUGUST!

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