Bragging rights



Bragging rights

One of best benefits from joining in this wonderful world of blogging is that I’ve found kindred spirits. Other moms, other parents who share some of my same concerns for our kids, have the same stories, the same fears and hopes for the future.

I’ve found a community where I can brag about my kids, can bitch about them, and cry over them and will always find an ‘I’m with you’ show up in my comments.

My kids are a never ending source of pride for me. They are both brilliant (if I do say so myself), they are hilarious (even if I’m the only person laughing) and the most beautiful babies in the world (both are heartbreakers and no one will ever be good enough for them.)

You can’t simply make those declarations any where. There are people out in the real world who not only disagree, but will most likely spit at you for saying such things. Here, among blog-friends, you get a ‘woohoo! Yay for beautiful, smart, hilarious kids!’

I really am not one to brag too often about my kids, but every once in a while I would like to tell IRL friends about something one of my brilliant, beautiful, funny kids does and not get looks to kill. I would like to say something akin to “JM has finally decided on a major’ and not have to contend with black looks and sneers, as if I had actually emphatically declared that “JM will one day cure all the world’s problems.’ Or, ‘WK has surprised me with how well he took to driving,’ when all they hear is ‘WK could kick your ass on a NASCAR track.’

There is a smidge’ of sarcasm here, but really is it such a bad thing to be able to voice your pride in your kids without being made to feel like you’re telling the rest of the world what losers they are. That’s not what I’d doing, but you wouldn’t know that talking to some people.

For the longest time I wouldn’t say anything about how my kids were doing in school, or if they did or said something share worthy, or even show off their school photos. Because when I did, I got all levels of snarkiness.

But here! Here there is a whole bunch of equally smitten parents who are more than happy to hear about my kids, because they know that I’m equally as excited to hear about theirs.

So… feel free to brag away. Tell me all the wonderful things your kids have done, said, or tell me how gorgeous your babies are. I want to hear all your stories, I want to see all your photos. I want to ooohhh.. and aaaahhh over your little, or not so little, lovelies, because you all have been wonderful when I show off my not so little lovelies.

Having said all that, leads up to this… my latest brag worthy photo.

JM recently attended a Leadership Conference as part of her duties as UF Student Honors Organization President. She went through a ropes course, which is not entirely named correctly.

It really should be called a ‘climb a big ass wooden teepee’ course. That little figure at the top, dangling legs off the platform… yeah, that’s JM. (I don’t know who that poor soul is who’s caught in the cargo net at the left.)

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