Button flys



When I was in high school, at the height of the iconic era of platform heels, peasant blouses and bell bottoms, I was a rebel ~ stylin’ at the cutting edge of clog mania, thermal long-sleeve tees and peg leg jeans ~ 501 Button Fly Levis’.

I wore men’s jeans. At 120lbs, 5′8″ I had no hips and no ass to speak of, but did have an androgynous waistline and long, skinny legs.

As today’s fashions continue their cyclic return to the hippy era, 30 years and 50 pounds later, I now have hips and an ass, but still have that androgynous waistline and long, not-so-skinny legs. It’s difficult, nay, near impossible to find pants that not only fit, but also feel comfortable.

Getting dressed the other day, I absentmindedly slipped on a pair of jeans. Surprised that they fit so well, I took a longer look…. I had on WK’s pants.

My son’s jeans fit me better than my own.

A couple weeks ago I took him shopping for more clothes. At 16yo he’s still growing and out-growing everything.

A new Levi’s store had opened near us recently and he wanted to go there. We picked up a few pairs of pants. He only tried on two of the three jeans, thinking the third pair would undoubtledy fit too.

They didn’t, and have been sitting in the back seat of my car waiting for me to return them to the store.

This morning, I had to wonder… maybe these would fit me as well as the other pair I put on by mistake.

(Turn your head, while I try these on…)

Looks like I’ll be buying my jeans in the young men’s department from now on.

Welcome home 501!

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