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We are gonna have a ‘Coming to Jesus’ understanding in my house starting today! I am tired of getting up an hour before anyone else and still being the one who is late leaving for work. I am tired of taking a short lunch or working a long afternoon to make up for being late. I am tired of being the camp babysitter. I’m talking about big boys who can’t seem to get out of bed, in the shower and dressed without mommy constantly coming into their room and badgering them. Then still giving me grief if they’re late. (Yeah, I’m bitchin’ about both of my men folk!) I have had enough of that shit.



Finished with my tournament this weekend with a little bling and was able to spend some quality time with my other ninja pals. One of the things I enjoy most about traveling to these events is the camaraderie with like minded people. We can sit around and talk “shop” and it’s actually fun. It’s great to meet up with other students from all over the country, men and women that I only get to see at these tournaments, but are still good friends. In addition to competing, I’m also a certified judge. I can sit as a center (chief) judge in rings up to adult 3rd degree black belts.



I took second place in both forms and weapons competition at an American Taekwondo Association tournament in Valdosta, GA this weekend. This was the first tournament I had been able to attend since last October. I was a little surprised, but very encouraged. With a little more dedication and practice, there is no reason I can’t bring home a first place. I was also presented with a tournament judging award. Throughout the tournament, competitors and spectators (usually parents) are encouraged to turn in the names of judges they believe did an outstanding job officiating in the rings. This could mean someone who ran a safe ring, or a judge who made the day fun for the competitors. Sorry, I didn’tRead More



I’ll post a couple of photos tomorrow, but wanted to put up an update. The tournament went well, and we were finished sooner than expected. I was at the venue around 7 a.m. to help register competitors (my instructor is the regional tournament director, so we, his students, are expected to fill in where needed.)  Then I judged in four rings before being called for my own competition. I knew all the women in my ring and each of the judges we were facing. That makes it fun. We can joke around with each other and the judges – that helps ease the tension.



This weekend I am venturing to Valdosta, GA for a taekwondo tournament. I have mentioned before that I am a martial arts student and instructor. Once again I will face my stage fright and jump into the ring. I’m heading out Friday afternoon and will compete early Saturday morning. I really do enjoy these tournaments, but have found that more and more I’ve been getting very scared nervous before stepping in front of the judges. I’ve always been extremely a  little anxious right before a competition, but now, my heart pounds so hard I’m afraid other people can actually hear it.



I spent a good portion of last night trying to figure out how to format text in my new place here. Took me the majority of the evening. Bad momma that I am, I made my son fix his own dinner. The hubster was gone doing his soccer reffing side job. Several hours, and a few fistfuls of hair later, I had my eureka moment (I actually just perused the WordPress FAQ) and my formatting problem was fixed. By this time, it was really late and the boy was back in his room playing on his Wii. Where he is most nights, and weekends, ad nauseam.



Bad news… I’m being evicted. Good news… I’m moving out of subsidized housing into a swanky new place all my own. Before moving I have a lot of packing to do, seven months of living to file away and get over to the new place. I need to add a few coats of fresh paint, hang some old family photos, and bring some of my stuff from the old place to make it more comfortable.