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I can’t keep pretending that everything is okay, that WK is okay, that I am okay. We’re not, he’s not, I’m not. I’m empty, I have nothing to say that could possibly describe how completely lost I am right now. I need some downtime. I have someone now who I can talk to who hopefully will be able to help me deal with all the stress and upheaval in our lives. I’ll be back later.



I have never been much of a golf fan. I can remember as a child my dad watching PGA matches on Sunday afternoons… bored out of my mind… the slow pace, the whispering commenters and the gadawful clothes. To this day, if I’m not aiming at a clown’s mouth on astroturf, you won’t find me on a golf course. My daughter though is dating a guy who loves to golf. She even gave him pro lessons for Christmas. His parents live next to a golf course in North Carolina and she has embraced the game to the point she is buying shoes. Shoes! That’s serious. Yet… If someone could guarantee that I would ever be a skilled enough player toRead More



I can still remember it, even after so MANY, many, many years. He was on the football team, played baseball and drove a silver Camero with bright orange flames painted on the front quarter panels. I was the weird kid, the smart girl and friend to the freaks. We were an unlikely couple. I think we were maybe sophomores, juniors at most. He was still at school because of some sports practice or something. I was still there waiting for a ride home after band. (No, I didn’t play an instrument, I was in the Rifle Corps. I liked wearing the white go-go boots and navy blue hot pants.) There was a short set of stairs leading from the mainRead More



My kid is relatively new to this skateboarding thing. He will never be a Daewong Song or a Rodney Mullin, but he tries hard. He and his friends skate whenever they can get together. They go to the park or set up a course in the street in front of our house. They will, with no hesitation, pull junk out of neighbors’ trash to build more obstacles. An old toy table, scrap wood, pieces of angle-iron… anything they think they can jump, slide or ramp off. They take pure joy in turning rubbish into a makeshift skateboard park, skating for hours, attempting the same trick over and over again until they master it. They don’t ask for expensive decks, orRead More



Throughout my childhood, I always thought of my grandfather as a farmer. Wherever the grans lived, grandpa had a garden. A big garden. Corn, peas, okra, tomatoes ~ oh, the tomatoes~ green beans, butter beans, zucchini, yellow squash, onions, cucumbers… every thing good from the earth, he raised it. What I didn’t realize, at least not until I was nearly an adult, was that my grandfather had been a key player in the Manhattan Project back in the 40’s. When he retired, I think all he wanted to do was plant a small plot of land and fish… which he did happily almost to the end of his days. I can’t pretend to be the master gardener that grandpa was,Read More



When I got together with my high school pals over Christmas Break I found out that one of my girls’ husband and I attended the same elementary school and most likely went to second grade together. He remembered my name, my first name, because he said it was so unusual. Last week I discovered that a co-worker and hubs were in England, attending the same school at the same time. She is a little older than he is, so she could have been a classmate of my SIL. I learned early on that a fellow blogger vacationed in my current hometown when she was a little girl. She still has t-shirt from our one and only Rocky Bayou Mullet Festival.Read More



I am so damn tired. Have you ever been so tired you can’t fall asleep? Your brain is on overdrive and you can’t shut it down? For the last few weeks nights I have been waking up at 3 or 4 a.m. Not my usual 5-5:30… and cannot get back to sleep. And this is only after finally falling asleep around midnight or so. Maybe my body is preparing for the change in Daylight Saving Time ~ we ’spring’ forward next Sunday, losing yet another hour of precious sleep. Bastages! When I wake up, I am up. There is no turning over and going back to sleep. I have to find crap to do that is sleep inducing, or at least something thatRead More



Because of my thyroid disorder I have to get blood work done about every three to four months. I’ve gotten used to it and can manage pretty well. It helps that the techs at the lab I frequent are great and I barely feel the pin prick. It helps even more that the sight of blood, especially my own, doesn’t bother me. I can’t say the same of other people in my family. On my way to the hospital in anticipation of the arrival of my beloved son WK, I barely managed to make it to the facility in enough time for a blessed epidural. (JM showed up after only two hours of labor which precluded me from having anyRead More



I saw this article today about a British couple that recently delivered a second set of fraternal twins. While multiples like that by itself was unusual, what was fascinating about these children is that in each pair one was light skinned and the other dark skinned ~ each taking physical characteristics from different parents. The story made me think of a friend who recently had a baby girl. She and her ex-husband were also a bi-racial couple. Her youngest daughter has her father’s dark eyes and black hair, but she also has her mother’s ivory skin. Baby S is a gorgeous child. Talking about how beautiful I though Baby S was, another friend and I struck up a conversation aboutRead More



The last day of our vacation, or night rather, WK got his wish and it snowed enough for him to make a snow ball. Which he did as Hubs and I packed the car for the long drive home early Friday morning. (So you don’t think he was playing the whole time Hubs and I were slaving away, WK also cleared off his mamaw’s car windshield so she could drive to work with a clear field of vision. He’s such a good kid.) We thought we were going to have to stay a little longer when we couldn’t make it up the first hill out of my dad’s driveway. After making a very slow pirouette in the ice and snowRead More