Common blog post



Common blog post

Where else can you go completely ape-shit over something and not have people back away from you slowly, knocking over chairs to get out of your path of destruction?

Instead of fear-filled pleas for you to calm down, your postal outrage is embraced. You get not just ‘Yeah!,’ but ‘HELL, FUCKING YEAH!’ Instead of a few brave souls trying to talk you down, you get legions of equally pissed off friends spurring you on, throwing in their own tales of abuse, misuse and ignorance.

I can say things on my blog that I wouldn’t say to outside friends and family. Here I can get as emotional as I want. I can cry and no one sees the ugly faces I make or the snot dripping out of my nose. I can spew an excess of foul words that would otherwise never leave my mouth. It is extraordinarily cathartic.

These emotions scare me sometimes, I know those close to me would think I was losing my mind, or having a complete breakdown if I were to do the same in public. But it feels so good to release them, even if it is on paper, or a computer screen.

Because of poor foresight, I let certain friends and family know about this blog. I still don’t rant about everything I’d like to. It’s not that they shouldn’t know about events or situations, it’s that I can’t be as honest as I want to be, can’t let out the full strength emotions I’m feeling about certain issues.

It’s like having someone I know watching me have a full-blown toddler temper tantrum. It’s a smidge embarrassing to have to relive it again the next day over morning coffee or have some one close to me chuckle over my outburst.

I don’t know how to block these people, or even the right words to delicately revoke their reading privileges. If I could I would. I have a few things I like to get off my chest.

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