When I got together with my high school pals over Christmas Break I found out that one of my girls’ husband and I attended the same elementary school and most likely went to second grade together. He remembered my name, my first name, because he said it was so unusual.

Last week I discovered that a co-worker and hubs were in England, attending the same school at the same time. She is a little older than he is, so she could have been a classmate of my SIL.

I learned early on that a fellow blogger vacationed in my current hometown when she was a little girl. She still has t-shirt from our one and only Rocky Bayou Mullet Festival. I could have seen her here when she was a child.

Another innernetz friend attended the same high school as my kids. We could have all cheered on the home team at the same football games. (Hopefully, if all goes as planned I actually get to meet her and her peeps this weekend. You will be so jealous when you find out who that is.)

I was able to reconnect through Facebook with several cousins I had lost contact with over the years, and one other high school BFF. (I have a corporate FB account and am still having an internal debate about setting up a personal one.) Another cousin ‘found’ me through IMSO last year and we have been corresponding again ever since.

It seems that my world is getting smaller and smaller.

There have been so many connections, so much interweaving of one portion of my past with my current life in the last few years. The circles of time are crossing, recrossing, closing down upon themselves. Is my world really getting smaller or do I just notice these connections because I’m paying attention more?

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