Don’t make me hit you with my cane!



Don’t make me hit you with my cane!

I was going to save this for Sunday, but the longer I’ve thought about it, the pissier I felt. I got carded this week. It’s not what I had hoped for… I just wanted to climb over the conveyor belt and smack the cashier.

‘Are you over 55? Do you want the discount?’

WTF… do I look ten years old than I really am? Day-um! I was so stunned, and not sure that I had actually heard her right, I asked her to repeat her question. Just give me my friggin’ groceries so I can hobble out of here, b’otch!

This is like asking a woman if she’s pregnant and discovering she’s only a little poochie.

Let me state these two common sense rules for all to hear:Harley walker

1) DO NOT try to guess a woman’s age, EVER… even if she’s asks you too. If forced, say ‘18′ and nothing older, EVER!

2) Unless you’ve seen the ultrasound, or hear these words uttered by the potential mother-to-be, ‘I’m pregnant,’ DO NOT ask when the baby is due.

Come on people! Not every female is ageless and perfectly svelte, but we do have feelings, are on some level a little bit vain. Don’t burst that little fantasy bubble before it’s absolutely necessary.

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