Just so’s ya know, we have taken down every thing else and boxed it up… as of last weekend. We simply haven’t had the gumption to disassemble the tree. Not to worry, we haven’t had a live tree slowly fossilizing in our living room for the past two months. The cat is very happy about the situation, but in terms of getting our holiday decoration packed up for the season in a timely manner ~ FAIL

I’m finally breaking down and shaving my hairy, winter-coat legs this morning. First leg done! Second leg… the shaver’s power charge cuts out on me with only one more swipe to go. I have one smooth leg, and another with a two-inch swatch of old growth forest still in tact. I was already running late so there was no time to get all old school with one of Hubs disposable razors. No, I will not put up a photo of my Yeti leg. Note to self, recharge razor overnight or get up earlier the next time. Shedding my winter coat ~ FAIL.

I’m not sure what happened here, but over the last several months this one tree fork began leaning, and leaning, until it finally simply fell over. The Girls may have helped it a little, being that they are also shrubbery eating mutts. Who knows. The result is that we now have to perform a tree-ectomy and remove the broken portion… because it’s still attached to the roots somehow and is still as green and alive as the rest of the tree. Tree survival ~ Fail.

All efforts to control my weight to date have been dismal. I’m now about 20 pounds heavier than in my ninth month of pregnancy with either of my children. Totally unacceptable. I finally had to get a couple new pairs of jeans to avoid that awful malady ~ camel toe ~ which comes from wearing too tight pants. I do not want to be one of those women. Dieting and weight control ~ FAIL.

I had gotten to where I was only really eating one normal meal a day and still gaining weight. It has been depressing and on other separate levels scary and infuriating. In desperation I finally decided to do something I told myself I never would. I’ve begun taking a diet supplement. I’ve been watching my diet… cutting back on processed starches, sugars, fried foods and large portions. Nothing has worked. Before anyone else who is taking this little blue pill thinks I’m calling them a failure, please don’t be offended. The reason I chose this one is that I have a few friends who have had some success with this plan. I feel like a failure because I could not manage this on my own. Dieting and weight control ~ EPIC FAIL.

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