I almost hate to admit this, but the Great Wake Up War was a bit of a wash this morning. It did take three alarm clocks going off at 15 minute intervals, but I didn’t have to resort to an arctic blast. I was really looking forward to using my Super Soaker… it was all so anti-climactic. With the invent of these new water heaters, I couldn’t even freeze him out in the shower by flushing the toilets. Dangit!

I don’t know what I’m more aggravated about: the fact that I’ve been fighting the morning wake up demons for so long or that the boy was more than capable of getting up on his own all along. I think some sort of retribution is still in order. I just have to decide what is most appropriate, and how stealthy I have to be to pull it off.

I don’t think this is over… we’ll see how tomorrow and the next morning go. I still have the Super Soaker armed and ready. I’ve been keeping it in the garage refrigerator, just in case I need it.

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