Good news, bad news



Good news, bad news

Bad news… I’m being evicted. Good news… I’m moving out of subsidized housing into a swanky new place all my own.

Before moving I have a lot of packing to do, seven months of living to file away and get over to the new place. I need to add a few coats of fresh paint, hang some old family photos, and bring some of my stuff from the old place to make it more comfortable.

I started blogging at the request of my boss as a feature on the Web site where we work. We are in the process of transforming the site from a collection of community news pages into a couple of select destination sites. Once the changeover is done (think radio station switching its playlist from Musak to rock) we will offer comprehensive info for anyone wanting to travel to our little piece of heaven – Florida’s Emerald Coast.

The problem was that Mom Blogs didn’t have a place on the new sites.

It was either quit blogging or find a new, unconstrained home. I decided to move to another neighborhood.Hope you get a chance to drop by and visit.

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