Happy with what you got



Happy with what you got

I’m tired of being sick and tired, but it’s so hard trying to live just for today and not worry about the future.

I can only do what I can to make a difference and have got to learn how to let go of what I can’t. Worry will suck the life out of you, then you’re left with nothing, and that’s no good.

By wallowing in self-pity and misery, I’ve neglected the positives in my life and perhaps focusing on those will makes these hard times easier.

I am thankful that:

1. I have a strong marriage and a wonderful husband

2. We have two great kids

3. We have a strong support net of friends and extended family

4. We live in a beautiful part of the country

5. Hubs and I still have jobs

6. We have a home and cars

7. I have some of the best Internet pals

8. My family and I are physically healthy (for the most part.)

9. We have the best, and most loving furry pals

10. My parents and Hubs parents are still with us and healthy

11. I KNOW the answers are ‘out there,’ we’ve just not found them yet

12. Even if my worst fears materialize, we will survive it

I need to stop worrying about what is going to happen next week, next month or even next year. I have to focus on today and what is possible today.

It’s hard. It’s really hard to not worry, to not envision all the ‘what ifs.’ I can’t do anything about those, and it’s killing me. But the constant state of panic that I seem to be in isn’t working for me either.

I’m afraid that my trepidation, and my worry is making matters worse all around too. If I can project a sense of acceptance, a feeling that we can weather this storm whole, some of the anxiety spillage can be mopped up.

Deep breath. It WILL all work out.

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