Home repairs are best left to professionals



Home repairs are best left to professionals

The family dryer gave it up last week. It was still drying, but it sounded like two cats ~ in heat (pun intended) ~ were inside. One of the worst noises I’ve ever heard an appliance make.

Hubs was gone again most of the week so WK and I had to make an evening run to the neighborhood laundry ~ night time is sketchy at the laundro-mat.

Once home, Hubs and WK pulled the offending machine apart, replaced what appeared to be the defective whats-it, put everything back together ~ without having any extra pieces ~ and declared it good to go.

After seven days of no real way to clean clothes, we were overrun with stinking teen spirit t’s and jeans. I proceeded to fill up the washer, ran one load, transferred it over to the newly repaired dryer, and began a second washing. Pushing the ’start’ button on the dryer confirmed that indeed the cats still inhabited the machine. *sigh*

Now I had one dryer I couldn’t use and TWO loads of wet clothes. It was off to the dreaded laundro-mat once again ~ only this time during daylight hours. Much better.

Hubs and the boy will have to gut the dryer again. Hubs thinks it may be a belt that needs replacing. DYI projects in my house tend to have unexpected outcomes. *sigh*

I will sort through the left over dirties and prioritize what needs to be washed first and make another laundry run ~ definitely during day light hours. The good thing is that the industrial dryers can do the job in less than 30 minutes. I’ve gotten spoiled. I couldn’t do this all the time.

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