I big puffy heart Panera



I big puffy heart Panera

The family va-cay is going remarkably well. We may not be barreling down a white water river, plummeting over waterfalls, but we are having a nice bit of down time with the Grans and cousins. We also apparently packed the nice Florida weather and brought that with us too. So… HA! even in here we are enjoying 50-60°F temps.

My dad got VERY sick Friday and Saturday and we were worried that we wouldn’t even get a chance to see him. Monday morning his docs gave him the ‘no contagion’ sign and we’re now up in the mountains of east Tennessee.

I got up this morning to walk around the place and everything was covered in a silvery rime of frost. It was so quiet I could hear myself breath. Low lying wisps of fog scudded across the foothills. I found patches of scuffed up ground where the white tail deer and wild turkey were feeding on acorns.

That’s not something I would find in my backyard at home.

I’m still without reliable Internet connections. My dad has a computer, but it’s dial-up and despite my two hours of frustrated attempts, I was unable to get any significant work done because I kept timing out.

While that’s not so much a problem were IMSO is concerned, I’m still officially working. I know that sucks, but with great power, comes great responsibility. Phaw! All I know is that there is apparently no one back in my office capable of doing my piddly little job.

Again today, I had to log in a couple of hours with the task masters. Fortunately, my dad lives near a much bigger city than my mom and I found a Panera Bread Co. cafe where I could at least sit inside and sip a huge mug of Chai Tea Latte while JM perused her own Notebook taking care of school matters and Googling maps to help her navigate her way to the BF’s parents’ home for New Years.

I’ve been taking lots photos and when I get back, I’ll post some of my favs. It really is beautiful here, even in the winter.

We’re off to visit with Hub’s sister and her family today. Her daughter turned 13 this year. THIRTEEN! Saturday we had lunch with my step brother and sister, my niece and her 5-year-old twins. Yeah, let that sink in for a second. I AM A GREAT-AUNT. Thanks Candace. These kids really need to stop growing up so stinkin’ fast.

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