I have the gift. The Gift of Jinx.



I have the gift. The Gift of Jinx.

I’ve done this before, you know… speak of something of great importance happening only for it to fizzle and never occur. Jinxing.

It happened last summer when Tropical Storm Fay was on a direct path toward us. She was supposed to bring destruction and mayhem, but blew out before causing too much trouble. I did an updating post on her, finally going to bed early when the storm was downgraded to a Depression.

I have the gift. The Gift of Jinx.

Claudette came, rained and left. Of course with Florida being so painfully flat, we had spotty flooding and winds gusts are still 20-30 mph which makes driving a hazard. She was kinda disappointing really.

We’re fine ~ the driveway filled with rain run off at the street end, and the yard is scattered with downed leaves and small twigs. It’s still forecasted to rain (a lot) for the rest of the week, but as for being a Tropical Storm ~ meh, I’ve seen better.

Tropical Storm Ana has already been downgraded to a Depression. This system is expected to continue to slow and degrade in the next few days. Storm Warnings are now only Watches.

Bill is the next worry. Upgraded to a Category 1 Hurricane, Bill has maximum sustained winds of 75 mph. The first major storm of the Atlantic Season and the latest forming, first named hurricane in nearly 40 years (did that make sense?), Bill could grow to a Cat 3 storm (with wind speeds between 111-130 mph) by Wednesday.

Instead of moving toward the northeast as indicated in earlier forecasts, he is tracking toward the northwest… toward Puerto Rico, possibly toward the Florida Gulf Coast?

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