If momma ain’t happy…



If momma ain’t happy…

We are gonna have a ‘Coming to Jesus’ understanding in my house starting today!

I am tired of getting up an hour before anyone else and still being the one who is late leaving for work. I am tired of taking a short lunch or working a long afternoon to make up for being late. I am tired of being the camp babysitter.

I’m talking about big boys who can’t seem to get out of bed, in the shower and dressed without mommy constantly coming into their room and badgering them. Then still giving me grief if they’re late. (Yeah, I’m bitchin’ about both of my men folk!) I have had enough of that shit.

We have these marvelous modern miracles called ‘Alarm Clocks.’ At last count we have close to half a dozen of these technological wonders in our house. They will be put into use and the human element will be phased out completely, effective immediately.

I will no longer be the morning shrew yelling to get out of bed, waiting until life begins again for these nocturnal undead before getting myself ready to begin the day. No longer will I return to these darken rooms to prod, poke, conjole, yell, and scream. I do not like being that person. I do not like going to work each day angry. And it stops now!

Get your own ass out of bed and take care of yourself.

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