It’s beginning to look a lot like…



It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Sunday as promised, Hubs ventured back into the abyss known as our attic, pulling down box after box, after box of Christmas decorations. We had put up the tree and strung the lights on Saturday.

As we dug through the more than 22 years of accumulated ornaments, snowflakes, angels and Santas, there was about half I decided to not put out. Some things were more suited for a house with very small children (a navtivity of stuff dolls) or some few not suited to a house with a feline hopped up on catnip (a glass nativity.)

Still, I cleared the mantel off so I could display my Santas. Collected over the years, I will usually find a new ‘jolly ol’ elf’ to add each year.

Several years ago, WK started collecting Nutcrackers. A new one of these is added each year too. This season the newest ‘cracker’ is the farthest one of the left.

Mostly gifts from my mom, the angels are given a special place on the bookshelf.

While I set up these displays, Hubs loaded up the tree with ornaments. Over the years we have accumulated 100s of decorations. We have handmade ornaments from nearly every phase of our children’s lives. We have first Christmas ornaments given by the Grans, we have construction paper poinsettas made in kindergarten, Plaster of Paris snowmen lovingly painted in Girl Scouts, Teddy Bear and Santa soccer players, and lace snowflakes made when I had that kind of patience.

Even though she is an artificial tree, just like Frosty was made real because the kids loved him, our tannenbaum is very real because of the love that hangs from her boughs. (bah! ~ cue the sappy holiday music)

A few have asked about our Advent Calendar. I made the one we use when my kids were maybe 6 and 2. I didn’t have a pattern ~ my bad. I mostly ‘eye-balled’ it. What was supposed to be a smallish decoration, turned into a ginormous wall hanging. Each pocket is probably 4×6-inches. I have filled this daily holiday reminder with just about everything. When the gift didn’t fit, which wasn’t often, I would draw treasure maps, hiding more clues throughout the house, for them to find Christmas mugs with hot chocolate mix, over-sized candy canes, or coloring books.

As long as the kids are living at home, I’ll continue to hang our Advent Calender, filled to brimming with daily presents.

We still have a few things to put out, but we’re nearly done with our Christmas decorating. I think this is the earliest we’ve set up our tree… ever! The last thing to do is dig out all our Christmas music, blaring carols and contempary renditions of White Christmas and Rudolph, and the scene will be set.

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