It’s good to be home!



It’s good to be home!

The last day of our vacation, or night rather, WK got his wish and it snowed enough for him to make a snow ball. Which he did as Hubs and I packed the car for the long drive home early Friday morning. (So you don’t think he was playing the whole time Hubs and I were slaving away, WK also cleared off his mamaw’s car windshield so she could drive to work with a clear field of vision. He’s such a good kid.)

We thought we were going to have to stay a little longer when we couldn’t make it up the first hill out of my dad’s driveway. After making a very slow pirouette in the ice and snow ~ after fearing we would end up in the neighbor’s ditch or floundering on the road facing a direction that couldn’t possibly be good ~ we managed to make it out to the the highway and relatively passable roads.

Ten hours later, having unpacked what seemed to be a month’s worth of baggage ’stead a week’s, and comforting two very excited Labs, all I really want to do now is sleep. I need a vacation from my vacation.

I have photos to share, and a clogged Reader to address. You all are a prolific bunch. As much as I loathed to do it, I may just have to hit that dreaded MAAR button and start fresh. I haven’t been able to consistently respond back to those of you who stopped by while I was gone either… I feel guilty about that, and will be back to it this weekend.

I have over 100 personal e-mails to open and I don’t even want to think about how many I’ll have when I get to work Monday morning.

For now I will bask in the adoration of my Girls, listen to the dulcet tones of my son singing Steve Miller’s The Joker ~ thank you Guitar Hero World Tour ~ and luxuriate in my own bed curled up with a gloriously phantasmagorical book… the third one I’ve read this week. Imagine that.

It’s good to be home!

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