Last one standing…



Last one standing…

With this one I am to divulge 10 ‘honest’ things about myself that, hitherto fore, were unknown. It took me a while to come up with this list. Apparently I have already shared way too much about myself at this blog. I had to drag the bottom of the well for this trivia… (it will also be the last one of these I do forever awhile, since anything else I could possibly share would cause me to go into recluse mode and never show my face again in public.)

    1. I weigh 20 pounds more now than at my top preggers weight, it pisses me off, but I really like having big bewbs. I honestly don’t know if I would rather be a size 10 again if I had to give up the size Ds.
    2. I hate for anyone to touch my face. Not sure where that comes from, but I will bite you if you try.
    3. I have always wanted to have someone do a Tarot reading for me, but am afraid of what it would tell me.
    4. If I thought I could make a reasonable income from my photography and/or the jewelry I make, I would quit my day job in a heartbeat.
    5. I keep making noise that I want a second tat, have even found a quote I want inked around my existing Celtic Love knot, but have been reluctant because I’m not 100% certain it says what I want it to say cuz it’s in Gaelic. If anyone can verify the translation to this please leave a comment, so I know it doesn’t really say ‘stupid American b’otch!’

An rud nach maraíonn mé, neartaíonn sé mé

Yeah, I know that’s only five, but really, I’m stumped. I have nothing else I can or want to admit about myself.

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