Leave a message at the tone…



Leave a message at the tone…

I’ve been participating in a WordPress Beta that allows me to respond to comments directly from my e-mail comment notifications, skipping the step of having to log into my dashboard, and have it automatically show up in my comment section. It’s a very cool feature, but right now, unless I keep constant track of my incoming comment notices, my replies just show up in the queue and not necessarily near the original comment. In a couple of weeks, hopefully this will be fixed when threaded commenting is added.

By having my responses added to the queue it does give me misleading comment numbers. Seeing so many comments is an ego boost, but it’s like sending myself love letters. That feature is not a deal breaker for me though, I still think the function is a great idea.

I also don’t know if I can turn it off yet. If I want to respond back privately from e-mails I have to do a little jury-rigging to make sure I have the commenter’s address and not the auto response code in the ‘reply to’ field. That could be embarrassing if I don’t get that right.

For those bloggers who like to add their own responses to comments, this feature will save a lot of time. Once the threading feature is added, I’ll be switching to this response method. Right now, I just have to decide which way I want to respond ~ mix it up, add a note to each comment, or wait for the final version. I’ve been answering a few comments with the auto system and a few the old way just to see how I like it. That’s why my comment section has looked a little spastic the last couple of days.

What do you all think of the new feature, would you use it?

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