Made it to Valdosta – finally!



Made it to Valdosta – finally!

I finally made it to Valdosta… after being lost in Thomasville for a freakin’ hour! It was like being sucked into the second level of hell. No matter where I turned I could not find my way out of town. I cussed that wretched city so bad – dropping multiple f-bombs and several shits – that children will feel the curse for years to come. I think I might have warped my steering wheel. The windows actually began to vibrate at one point. I exaggerate… only a little.

For future reference, MapQuest and Rand McNally directions… SUCK! Also for future reference, always ask the man in uniform for help. At my most desperate moment, I saw a fire station. I parked in the adjacent lot and walked over to the firefighter standing in the engine bay.

Told him I had been trying for an hour to leave Thomasville, I had to get out of that city and could he please help me. He chuckled and said lots of people felt the same way, gave me outstanding directions, and I was finally back on my way.

My schoolmates had waited on me and when I arrived they whisked me off to a local Tex-Mex restaurant, replent with frozen margaritas and I was able to finally decompress.

Tomorrow, bright and early, I’m off to the judges meeting at 0-dark:30. In addition to competing, I also spend down time judging in other rings. It’s a full day of work.

Doing a little roaming before getting some much needed sleep. Hopefully the tournament director will let the higher ranks compete early and the rest of the day will be a breeze.

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