I finally made it to Valdosta… after being lost in Thomasville for a freakin’ hour! It was like being sucked into the second level of hell. No matter where I turned I could not find my way out of town. I cussed that wretched city so bad – dropping multiple f-bombs and several shits – that children will feel the curse for years to come. I think I might have warped my steering wheel. The windows actually began to vibrate at one point. I exaggerate… only a little.

For future reference, MapQuest and Rand McNally directions… SUCK! Also for future reference, always ask the man in uniform for help. At my most desperate moment, I saw a fire station. I parked in the adjacent lot and walked over to the firefighter standing in the engine bay. (more…)



This weekend I am venturing to Valdosta, GA for a taekwondo tournament. I have mentioned before that I am a martial arts student and instructor. Once again I will face my stage fright and jump into the ring.

I’m heading out Friday afternoon and will compete early Saturday morning. I really do enjoy these tournaments, but have found that more and more I’ve been getting very scared nervous before stepping in front of the judges. I’ve always been extremely a  little anxious right before a competition, but now, my heart pounds so hard I’m afraid other people can actually hear it. (more…)



I spent a good portion of last night trying to figure out how to format text in my new place here. Took me the majority of the evening. Bad momma that I am, I made my son fix his own dinner. The hubster was gone doing his soccer reffing side job.

Several hours, and a few fistfuls of hair later, I had my eureka moment (I actually just perused the WordPress FAQ) and my formatting problem was fixed. By this time, it was really late and the boy was back in his room playing on his Wii. Where he is most nights, and weekends, ad nauseam. (more…)



Bad news… I’m being evicted. Good news… I’m moving out of subsidized housing into a swanky new place all my own.

Before moving I have a lot of packing to do, seven months of living to file away and get over to the new place. I need to add a few coats of fresh paint, hang some old family photos, and bring some of my stuff from the old place to make it more comfortable. (more…)



I love my family… I really do. I love them more than I ever thought it was possible to love another person. I would die for each and everyone of them, without question, without hesitation. But, as much as I love them… there are days when I don’t like them very much. This was one of those days. A day when it seemed that my loved ones were putting forth a herculean effort to Get. On. My. Last. Nerve!

It usually happens when I have some time for myself, but they believe they have a task that is much more important and that I MUST drop everything to do this one thing for them. It doesn’t matter what it is, or how long they had to do this particular task, it must be finished NOW. Procrastination is the root of all evil in my home. (more…)