For the past few weeks whenever I first opened my office door in the morning, I’ve noticed a certain smell. It wasn’t a completely unpleasant aroma… a little cloying though. Try as I might I couldn’t find where the odor was coming from.

It wasn’t anything I could see, there wasn’t an unemptyed trash can, no long forgotten food fallen behind my desk. I just couldn’t find it.

Until I took this gum out of my desk drawer. You see this right ~ Pomegranate gum. I had forgotten I had this. Hubs and WK had found a multi-pack at Sam’s Club not too long ago and I brought a pack to work and into the drawer it went.

The current trend toward everything POM is getting on my nerves ~ Pom-tinis, pomegranate lemonade, pomegranate and white cranberry juice, pomegranate yogurt … but now gum? WK tried it, I haven’t ~ I’m almost afraid to now. He said it was okay, but he won’t go out of his way to find it again. I haven’t see it anywhere else. Maybe I should keep this pack as an investment. It might be worth something on eBay someday.

I don’t remember when the Pom fad began, but we liked pomegranates before pomegranates were cool. They are bit of a hassle to prepare, but the pulp is delicious, if not messy. That could be why WK first liked them. What could be better than a sweet treat that also turns your fingers pink.

As for the gum, once I took it out of my office that sicky-sweet odor dissipated and it no longer smells like rotten fruit in there. Now, the inside of my purse does.

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