She’s coming home!



She’s coming home!

My girl is coming home Friday for a long weekend, the first trip back in more then 10 weeks. That’s the longest she’s ever been away from home. I have MISSED her.

She is coming in for the annual Festival… yes, we are incredibly redneck and celebrate a lowly Gulf saltwater fish. She is supposed to be bringing a college gal pal home with her, and will be driving in with her BF. He goes to a different college, but it’s on the way.

The BF might even be staying with us a night or two. (On the air mattress in the living room… thankyouverymuch!) Hubs was okay with this at first, but has been making grumpy daddy noises lately. We really can’t say too much, the girl is 19, could have come home without telling us, we did agree to the sleepover, and the boy is still afraid of us. This should not be a problem. We let her hang with his family last Christmas at a condo at the beach. Not really fair to change the rules now. I’ll talk with Hubs, make him see the error of his ways.

Other than the fish fest, we don’t have any more plans. I’m just glad to have her home. Hopefully, the time apart will have also made the little brother and her appreciate each other more. I think they’ve talked more on the phone and through e-mail in the last two months than they did in the last couple of years.

That four years age difference, especially once JM started high school, was huge. Maybe now, that they are both older, wiser (maybe?) and not getting on each other’s nerves 24/7, they can work on being friends and not just little brother and big sister. Fingers crossed.

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