Sweet potato hangover



Sweet potato hangover

Christmas came to my house a little early this year. Hubs and WK took off Wednesday for some late night shopping. Thursday morning I was presented with this little lovely. Ain’t she purty?

This came as a complete surprise… a really, really BIG one. Seriously did not expect this at all. Gave me that much more to be thankful for this holiday season.

Now, when I go to bum-fuzzle Egypt to visit my family for Christmas, I can stay ‘connected.’ I know, all this Internet activity has become is becoming all too addictive, but I would miss my blog neighborhood too much.

My happiness over receiving my new toy was made all the better by my feeling of contentment after indulging in a well crafted Thanksgiving meal. Starring a wonderful glazed ham, our dinner was complete with the ubiquitous green bean casserole with extra French fried onions, sweet potato casserole with enough praline topping to put an elephant into sugar shock, and light and fluffy Angel biscuits ~ lovingly made by Hubs himself.

All my young’uns were home and in attendance, and my favorite holiday movie ~ Miracle on 34th Street ~ was playing in the background. ‘I believe!’

At midnight JM and some of her gal pals faced the dragon and went head long into Black Friday. A local mall was the first to open it’s doors on the most shopped day of the year. I stayed all snug and warm in my own bed, dreaming of wireless connections and virus-free computing (Macs RULE!), all in the effort to get my standard five hours of sleep before rising before the sun was awake to ready myself for another day in the salt mines.

While Hubs and WK luxuriated in their beds, and JM was searching for the ultimate bargains, I was headed to a virtually empty office to put in my obligatory eight hours of work. My Tupperware plate of leftovers sitting forlornly in the frig.

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