The fingers just let go…



The fingers just let go…

Over the past few months I have been stunned by the amount of generosity, compassion and yes, love that people have shown to, in many instances, complete strangers.

That in a matter of a few days, the blogging community rallied around the parents of a beautiful angel, comforting them, supporting them, and raising tens of thousands of dollars in her name ~ it astounded me.

Or that these three women would make a six hour road trip to deliver a freezer full of food to this family, backed by the efforts of a Twittered filled community.

Every day I am witness to amazing things. Sometimes it’s a wave of get well wishes for someone who is sick. Sometimes is righteous indignation and support for a friend who has been wronged. Other times it may be hugs and love sent to someone who is feeling vulnerable. Whatever it is, there are sometimes hundreds of people reaching out to another in need.

I’ve been the recipient of this support when I was the victim of a plagiarist, when faced with serious medical issues of my own, and when overwhelmed with a child who is struggling.

I cannot express adequately how much their support has lifted me out of some of my darkest times.

These are real people, offering real friendship, and real emotional attachments. I count myself blessed by so many of my blogging friends. It is difficult to explain how important these connections become to people who have never experienced Internet friendships. But, they are real, and they are enduring.

I am thankful for these friends and am thrilled that I will have the chance to put faces to names in only a few short weeks.

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