The obvious



Wouldn’t it be great if there were signs like this warning us about all the obvious dangers in our lives. Seriously, do I really need this sign? I live in Florida… alligators are a given. That I shouldn’t feed a wild animal because it might act, well… wild, is really a no-brainer.

How great would it be if all the bad boys (and girls) came with warning labels: “this butt head can be hazardous to your mental health… have more self-respect and ditch the jerk.”

What about signs in restaurants: “lard found in the menu items can cause you to balloon up like a puffer fish… you should really watch what you eat or you could have a coronary.”

It’s like all those ridiculously obvious warning labels on other everyday items… like don’t use a hair dryer while in the shower, or remove child before folding baby stroller.

When did we stop using our brains, stop listening to that little clear voice inside our head, and start depending on labels and signs to rule our lives? When did common sense and reason get replaced by obvious statements presented as serious commentary? When did we quit thinking for ourselves?

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