The older woman…



The older woman…

She’s a little older than WK, but I think she’ll suit him well. He’s excited about her coming to live with us and admits he’ll be giving her a nickname… I like that, even if I never know what it is.

Hopefully she’ll also be a great motivator for him to do better with his time management and getting his school work finished. WK knows he can’t play with her until he gets all his other obligations finished. Sorry for her if he doesn’t do that, but that was the deal when Hubs and I agreed to take her in.

We also agreed to keep her in gas and insurance. We’ll pay for the majority of pieces-parts, at least until WK can get a job and earn his own maintenance funds. The idea is to let him work on her, and make her uniquely his own.

She runs, idles a bit high, but Hubs thinks that will be an easy fix. At 18, she has a few miles on her, but has new belts and hoses, the interior is very nice for her age, and WK is already in love. Her paint still looks nice, but we’ll be stripping all the cheap pinstriping off of her, cleaning her up and giving her a professional waxing.

In the fine tradtion of father/son bonding, we bought WK a car for the two of them to rebuild. Of course, he can’t drive it until he’s 16, until it’s running right, until it has insurance and tags. She’s his, she’s not a hand-me-down from his sister, and right now that’s the most important thing.

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