There is something wrong…



There is something wrong…

…with being so cold all the time that…
~ you put your PJs in the dryer to get them toasty warm before putting them on.

~ when you buy socks it’s not with fashion in mind, but rather ‘will these keep my feet warm?’

~ you welcome night sweats brought on by peri-menopause.

~ your side of the bed has not one, but two extra blankets… doubled over, so it’s more like four.

~ you have considered wearing a toque to sleep in.

~ you have worn a hoodie to sleep in… with the hood up.

~ even though you live in one of the hottest and most humid states in the southern U.S., you rarely wear shorts during the summer.

~ you’re afraid that one day you’re going to lose a toe or finger, having it snap off like an icicle.

~ you buy one of these babies… dual controls, fits mattresses up to 19-inches deep, machine washable… then keep it on your bed year-round and set on High.

~ you sneak out of bed late at night to reset the thermostat, trying not to wake The Girls because they will rat you out by barking.

~ after you bake something and the oven is still hot, you’ll stand in front of it with the door slightly ajar so you can warm your hands with the radiant heat coming out of the box.

~ you’ve begun drinking coffee and hot tea throughout the day to help keep your hands warm.

For just one day I would love to be warm all over, and not have an extremity be so cold it hurts. To what lengths have you gone to get and/or stay warm?

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