Valdosta – Update 1



Valdosta – Update 1

I’ll post a couple of photos tomorrow, but wanted to put up an update. The tournament went well, and we were finished sooner than expected.

I was at the venue around 7 a.m. to help register competitors (my instructor is the regional tournament director, so we, his students, are expected to fill in where needed.)  Then I judged in four rings before being called for my own competition.

I knew all the women in my ring and each of the judges we were facing. That makes it fun. We can joke around with each other and the judges – that helps ease the tension.

I compete in forms and weapons. My weapon of choice now is a bo staff which is a six-foot long rattan pole. Historically, the weapon is used as if it had a blade on the tip. There is lots of slashing and stabbing. I almost took out an onlooker because she walked across the corner of the ring while I was in the middle of the weapon form. I don’t stop my competition until one of the judges tells me too. If you get in the way, you’re fair game.

This day I scored well enough to take second place in both forms and weapons. I was very happy with that outcome. Thanks to all my bloggy friends who have offered support and encouragement.

More later…

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