Whither thou goest…



Whither thou goest…

Me: Andrews Air Force Base is near D.C. right?

Hubs: Yeah.

WK: I’d live in D.C.

Me: Yeah, me too. (looking lovingly at Hubs and in my best coo), I’d live anywhere with you, even Singapore (another story) or (looking at WK) in Dubai.

WK: Yeah, Dubai!

Me: Dubai would be hawt! (to WK, who’s groaning) You know that was funny!

I don’t often speak about Hubs here and especially not about what his job is… a decision he is fully behind. I can’t even truly explain what he does at this job. Not so much because of privacy issues, but because I really don’t know. I have a passing understanding, but couldn’t go into any credible account of what he does.

The one thing I can say is that because his job is very specialized and only performed in limited areas, if he were to change employers, it would mean a move, a significant move for our family.

(No, we aren’t considering a move any time soon.)

When the Big Guy and I got married, even before that, I knew once we said our ‘I dos’ it would give full meaning to ‘cleaving’ to my spouse. Immediately, and I mean immediately, after our honeymoon we moved 100s of miles away from my family, away from the tiny town I had lived in and near most of my life.

I did it without reservation, without looking back. It was where he needed to be, what I needed to do, and that was all there was to it. When we moved to Florida 10 years later, again 100s of miles further away from family and friends, there was no reluctance.

In the intervening years, when he’s had a particularly shitastic day on the job, or some Apocalyptic Wind/Rain storm is bearing down on us, Hubs would taunt me about moving. Not moving to any other domestic location where he could practice his craft, but to exotic lands like Southeast Asia or United Arab Emirates.

If our children were younger, I’d jump on that cruise ship, no problem! Any reluctance to move now is based on what is workable for our kids, not any objection I’d have to relocating.

I’ve never been someone who fought moving, or felt it was nearly the end of my world when I did. I missed my family and friends, but relished the idea of starting fresh, finding new adventures.

High school friends were adamant about going to college close enough they didn’t have to leave their family home. I applied to schools that weren’t just miles away, but STATES away. When that didn’t work out for me ~ out-of-state tuition, even in the dark ages, was crazy expensive ~ I worked as much as I could to raise enough money to pay for my own dorm room. I did not want to live at home while going to college.

In college I was stunned by how many classmates still did not want to explore the world, to go beyond our city limits or state lines.

I do understand why some people, once established in jobs and with families of their own, wouldn’t want to move from where they’ve lived for so many years. I’m not judging. But for me, it’s never been an issue. Even today, if I could be assured of excellent medical care for WK, and that JM was established on her own and happy, I’d move anywhere with Hubs… anywhere.

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